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Top 10 Funniest Omegle Trolling Videos

Omegle is one of the most popular random chat websites. It matches you with random strangers from all over the world to chat via messages or video cam. You don’t know what you’ll come across with until you get a match. You can make friends, use it as a dating app or you just can get trolled as we’re going to show you now.

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Omegle Trolls are being quite a hit on YouTube. There are channels which have millions of subscribers gained only from making Omegle trolling videos. Here you are going to see the funniest ones of them.

10. First Time on Omegle

Vlogger and life style YouTuber IamSanna with currently 1.145.714 subscribers tries the Omegle for the first time and comes across with many people who knows her. She has funny moments as long as the weird ones. The video has 1.108.131 views.

9. Scary Jigsaw Killer

A YouTuber named AsKaGangsta scares the people in Omegle with a Jigsaw Killer prank. He detects their locations from their IP adress and uses their locations to turn this prank into a scary experience with the Jigsaw Killer mask. The video has 1.037.620 views and a second episode.

8. Meeting Donald Trump on Omegle

A Dutch YouTuber with currently 8.701.108 subscribers, Kwebbelkop is making Omegle troll videos as long as his quite famous gaming videos. This one has 3.297.756 views and ends up with finding Donald Trump on Omegle.

7. Pranking People on Omegle (Christmas Edition)

This is one of the Omegle trolling videos from IamSanna but it’s a Christmas special with 60.663 views. This time Sanna trolls people with her Christmas costumes.

6. 12 Year Old Girls Roast SSSniperWolf 

Here in this video SSSniperWolf, who is known by the name Lia, gets roasted by a 12-year-old girl who is quite angry to make-up tutorials. The video has 2.897.834 views.

5. Home Break In Murder Prank

Murder pranks are one of the classics of Omegle pranks. This video from ThatOneGuy scares lots of people from Omegle and gets hilarious reactions from his subscribers. Despite the video has 1.906.733 views, the channel has got only 220.499 subscribers.

4. Omegle Talent Show

ComedyShortsGamer, who is one of the most famous YouTubers, is making a Talent Show on Omegle in this video. The video has 2.867.493 views and lots of positive reviews. Prepare to see the hidden talents of Omegle.

3. Jelaous Girlfriend Roasts SSSniperWolf

This video belongs to SSSniperWolf, who makes lots of different Omegle trolling videos and is quite known on YouTube. She became famous with her gaming videos as well as the Omegle trolling videos. She has currently 10.683.064 subscribers and lots of trolling content.

2. SSSniperWolf Gets Banned on Omegle

One of the most-known Omegle trollers, SSSniperWolf a.k.a Lia with 10.683.064 subscribers, gets banned again because of her knee prank and grandpa jokes on Omegle. The video has 5.090.451 views and is one of the funniest Omegle trolling videos on YouTube.

1. The Funniest Omegle Trolling Video

The funniest trolling video has 5.470.082 views and belongs to a channel named ComedyShortsGamer with currently 9.380.893 subscribers. This channel has a series of Omegle trolling videos such as Omegle Talent Show and became very popular in both Omegle and YouTube.

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