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Chat Avenue not working on mobile

If you have been trying chatting on via mobile device but find it pretty difficult to do, then know that it’s either the site is down and out for repairs, the server is overloaded or unreachable due to network issues.

On the event that the site is UP and running however you still can’t get to the page, attempt one of the underneath tips.

Here are what to do:

  1. First try to refresh the website by pressing CTRL + F5 keys
  2. Clear the temporary cache, history and cookies on your browser.
  3. Make sure that you have the most recent version of the Browser you are using.

If issues still persist on, then do the following listed down below.

Fix DNS Mobile internet Problems:

DNS is acronym for Domain Name System (or Service or Server). This is an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses recognizable by the computer.

Domain names are either alphabetic or mixture of figures and punctuations, for easy remembrance. Everything about the Internet is completely based on IP addresses.

The use of DNS is to bring to human-readability hostnames like from computer machine-readable IP addresses like 410.13.248.005. Etc.

This is a sure solution on how to fix your device whenever domain name server error appears on your Mobile device while trying to visit or other sites.

Here below are the careful outlines of steps to take to get your device working again.

Step 1

Try searching other different websites other than If other websites loads correctly, then know that the error you get from is an error from the Avenue. In this situation you have to wait for some time and then visit the site later.

Step 2

Clear the cache, history and cookies. (The browser virtual directories; which the phone’s Web browser uses to stores copies of Web pages etc). Go to the browser’s “Settings” menu. The browser will store the entire error page in its cache, history and cookies as the detail record of the visited error loading Web page, indicating the errors that had occurred before when, in fact, no error is present.  So clearing the cache, history and cookies will eliminates this possibility.

Step 3

If you are using any wireless router or modem to connect your device to the Internet. You have to switch it off and reset it, because it may be the DNS of the wireless router or modem that you are using to connect to the Internet service provider that may have caused the DNS error in the Web browser, thereby resetting the modem will automatically resolves this issue.

If issues still occur after all the listed steps, try changing your browser to another deferent one. If you are using GOOGLE CHROME and prefer it then find in one of our article that deals with DNS GOOGLE CHROME fix or contact via their Facebook page to detail the nature of error to the admin for possible solution. That is when other websites are responding to the internet except for

Good luck in your chat via

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