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Chat Avenue not working on mobile

If you have been trying chatting on via mobile device but find it pretty difficult to do, then know that it’s either the site is down and out for repairs, the server is overloaded or unreachable due to network issues.

On the event that the site is UP and running however you still can’t get to the page, attempt one of the underneath tips.

Here are what to do:

  1. First try to refresh the website by pressing CTRL + F5 keys
  2. Clear the temporary cache, history and cookies on your browser.
  3. Make sure that you have the most recent version of the Browser you are using.

If issues still persist on, then do the following listed down below.

Fix DNS Mobile internet Problems:

DNS is acronym for Domain Name System (or Service or Server). This is an Internet service that translates domain names into IP addresses recognizable by the computer.

Domain names are either alphabetic or mixture of figures and punctuations, for easy remembrance. Everything about the Internet is completely based on IP addresses.

The use of DNS is to bring to human-readability hostnames like from computer machine-readable IP addresses like 410.13.248.005. Etc.

This is a sure solution on how to fix your device whenever domain name server error appears on your Mobile device while trying to visit or other sites.

Here below are the careful outlines of steps to take to get your device working again.

Step 1

Try searching other different websites other than If other websites loads correctly, then know that the error you get from is an error from the Avenue. In this situation you have to wait for some time and then visit the site later.

Step 2

Clear the cache, history and cookies. (The browser virtual directories; which the phone’s Web browser uses to stores copies of Web pages etc). Go to the browser’s “Settings” menu. The browser will store the entire error page in its cache, history and cookies as the detail record of the visited error loading Web page, indicating the errors that had occurred before when, in fact, no error is present.  So clearing the cache, history and cookies will eliminates this possibility.

Step 3

If you are using any wireless router or modem to connect your device to the Internet. You have to switch it off and reset it, because it may be the DNS of the wireless router or modem that you are using to connect to the Internet service provider that may have caused the DNS error in the Web browser, thereby resetting the modem will automatically resolves this issue.

If issues still occur after all the listed steps, try changing your browser to another deferent one. If you are using GOOGLE CHROME and prefer it then find in one of our article that deals with DNS GOOGLE CHROME fix or contact via their Facebook page to detail the nature of error to the admin for possible solution. That is when other websites are responding to the internet except for

Good luck in your chat via

OMEGLE MOBILE CONNECTION IS NOT WORKING has many mobile Apps for phones but occasionally you will find then malfunctioning or not working optimally and they do not use full features of the site to your satisfaction.

Here you are going to list for you few tips for fixing this issue.

We hope with the tips you will be able to fix it. We are here to proffer solution to your OMEGLE Mobile. OMEGLE Mobile connection not working will become an issue in the past and you will able to chat with strangers again.

You should make sure that you have installed the application correct. If peradventure there is the wrong installation try to uninstall and then re-install it back to your phone the proper way by following all the installation proceedings on your mobile screen. If it still fails to work well, you then have to send a feedback to the developer. Tell them about the problems you have and report the bug. I believe they will find an appropriate solution to it. If the issue still persists after the feedback and the developer’s reply and solution, then know that it may be your mobile device. Your device may have some compatibility issue with the application.

Or you can as well install another different Omegle mobile application. There are many applications out there in the Google Play store. Down below; you will find tips on how to make Omegle mobile connection work again:

Here are the tips: If you can’t connect to the server, please

  • First, go to app settings and clear all data from your Omegle.
  • Check for device compatibility with the app.
  • Restart your phone and run the app again.
  • Reinstall application and run again.
  • Send a feedback to the developer asking them to fix the issue, that is if it still not solved.

The above not working? Go to Google Play download and install some other apps for that may be compatible with your device. If after installing and running the new app and the same issue still persist, then they may be some issue of interference with some other installed and running app in your device. Shut all the apps and then run them again.

Always you can contact staff by sending feedback complaining about the issue.

You can also download a free VPN app on Google Play such as “Hola VPN” to make your connection private.

Going mobile with mobile app can be very cool. There are many Omegle apps that work with the mobile device. Some of them are free; you can get them from Google Play.

Though all the apps have their issues it can be fun to chat some strange girls while on the move.


Unfortunately, developers of did not develop Ipad application for video chat of the website and there is no known iOs app for now which provides this feature. Though there is an app of Omegle that is working but can only allow text chat features. The application is frustrating and disappointing.

The best tips for connecting to OMEGLE.COM from an IPAD have been of recent times frequent questions from its users it’s been quite difficult to do so.  In this regard, we’ve decided to provide you with information on the best tips for connecting to Omegle from any IPad device. You will find some great information below. You will find all the needed information for iPad devices connection to Omegle video and text chat on this page. Here is the how best tips for connecting to Omegle from iPad.

We also recommend that you try some alternative measure that is listed down after this very article if these tips should fail you or could not work for you.

Formerly Omegle was officially said to be working with Chrome Beta browser some years ago. Unfortunately, Chrome Beta browser is no longer supporting Omegle. We have carried out series of research on different browser applications in order to get connected to Omegle from iPad devices but none was successful for Omegle video chat, though some allowed text chat but cannot do video chat. After the series of research, we carried we arrived at one that is currently working. It is called Puffin browser, though a bit complicated to use.

Here is how to go about it:

Go to App Store and download PUFFIN browser. You need to use the full computer view version and not the usual iOS mobile view version. What to do, to the settings of the PUFFIN browser app and change your app view from Mobile to Full view. Return back and type in your PUFFIN browser search “OMEGLE.COM” and then log in to Video chat or text chat to your fill.

The good thing about Puffin Browser:

How Puffin browser works. Whenever you request a search of any site, it loads on the puffin browser server, their server then projects a java translated version of the site to your device via their own proxy thereby bypassing the traditional security. Puffin browser is very good for many online games; especially playing flash games on your iPad device can never get better with Puffin browser.


The issue with Puffin browser is that it may get banned sometimes due to it uses of proxy

If you got network blocked or banned message, try turning the browser off, then on again. This will force Puffin to reassign you to a different IP which then resolves the issue. If the above failed to work, then go to Puffin setting, scroll down on the sidebar on the left to puffin and then click on that and turn on the “use HTTP TUNNEL”.


  • June 13, 2018
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You may have been exhausted trying to chat only girls on but always found male popping up? The time for this very frustration is over now as you can chat up only girls just as you have always wished. Here in this article, we will guide you in getting only girls to chat with On Omegle.

We are going to tell you how to chat with only girls on Omegle.

You are going to find out many good and easy tips on how to chat with only girls on Omegle. You can also use similar strategies for your mobile devices too. It will help you to find out some key stuff for your Android and iPhone devices

First of all on your browser type and visit Omegle, login into your account and then open another tab and type Facebook, Create a new Facebook account. You will certainly need a new Facebook account for this. If you use your current Facebook account, things will completely be a ruined because you will generally use new whole lots of likes which won’t be relevant to your goals or Facebook likes interest. We will also provide you with some actor names below at the keyword section. Scroll/swipe down and copy some of these names.

Here are steps on how to chat with only girls on Omegle:

  1. Create a new Facebook account. We don’t recommend old accounts.
  2. Check girls facebook profile likes and then like similar pages as hers.

Add a few good interests which girls like. You need to add a few interests which girls like. Please don’t add manly stuff. You can add some actors, musicians and even cosmetics. You should add more interests. With this backdrop we will provide you with some recommended Facebook page likes below.

  1. Go to
  2. Mark “Add my Facebook likes as a topic.”
  3. Click on Text or Video Chat button.
  4. Finally, begin to talk to female strangers.

Here are some Facebook Page Likes we will suggest for effective connection to only girls on

  • Mark Dice,
  • Paul Joseph Watson,
  • Goodful,
  • Philip DeFranco,
  • Pixie Cove,
  • Charlie Day Quotes,
  • Cool Music pages on Facebook,
  • Twisted,
  • Hans Zimmer,
  • Game of Thrones,
  • Justin Bieber,
  • Orlando Bloom,
  • Justin Timberlake,
  • One Direction. Etc.

You can search more Facebook pages which may generally suggest females like. These will help you to meet girls in Omegle.

Then allow Omegle to connect your Facebook account, once done, you will be good to go.

You can now begin to chat on Omegle video chat or text chat. This will increase your chance to meet with females on the Like I said before, adding more page likes on the newly created facebook will effectively increase your chances of chatting with only girls.

Though you may use some other way to get chatting with girls only on we recommend you to use Facebook first.
Facebook relevant pages like actually are quite easy and more rewarding.


If you want to use some other ways, then just disable your Facebook interests in the main page of and begin to search interest related on the Internet.

Tip on how to get chatting with only girls on

Try and think of some handsome guys names which girls really adore, add them to your interests on 

This is because young girls have generally attractions to such kind of guys.


You can also discover many other interests that attract ladies visitations via search engines and then add such interest to your interest group. Don’t forget to separate names with commas. You can even add cosmetic company names.

You should prefer to talk more on video chat than text chats. Otherwise, people may think that you are a girl if chatting only on text chats given to your kind of interest likes. After you’ve gotten enough interests for Omegle or via your facebook connected to Omegle page likes, begin to chat more on video chat than the text chats. But always initial a chat with a new stranger via text chat first before proceeding with the video.

Here you are done. Now you’ve got so many girls only to chat with.

Here are some KEYWORDS I had promised earlier:

  • Tom Cruise,
  • Brad Pitt,
  • Robert Pattinson,
  • Johnny Depp,
  • Clive Owen,
  • Justin Timberlake,
  • George Clooney

Omegle Captcha Every Time

How to fix Omegle captcha every time

Tired of Omegle Captcha Every Time? Here is the steps you can follow to fix this problem. Many tried and succeeded. Check this article to learn how to fix it.

sample omegle captcha

Omegle is among the most popular video chatting platform. Countless customers continue being active. It’s difficult to maintain a high traffic. To create better consumer experience and supply fresh chat, Omegle prohibit IP of spammers and request to fulfil Captcha to enter the conversation rooms. Sometime innocent users will be additionally face CAPTCHA problems. Site’s purpose isn’t to irritate users, they wish to create bots and spammers site. Then try CAPTCHA to prevent on omegle, in the event the site keep asking CAPTCHA to fill to put in the rooms.

Why Omegle shows captcha every time?

Fundamentally it can Occur because you’ve “weak” cookies. Perhaps you have deleted them lately or using VPN or some funds applications Or perhaps you use some applications to produce a number of articles in brief period of time – in this case you can just use among those captcha solving services such as Online CAPTCHA Solving and Picture Recognition support. There are many services, although I prefer this support, since they have the best ratio.

What is the solution?


Send comments to Omegle’s support

Feedback to employees of omegle is your finest and most easy way to bypass CAPTCHA in the website in time that is limited. Follow the following steps to send comments:

  • From underside area of the website, click on the link “Send comments to Omegle’s support team”
  • After clicking this link, a brief feedback form will look.
  • Input the email address in case you would like get answer from Omegle’s employees (reply isn’t guaranteed).
  • Leave it blank in the event you do not need to find answer.
  • Now put in your message. In message ask them to repair CAPTCHA issue.

Quit disconnecting Fast

CAPTCHA type is used to eliminate bots on website, they need humans . Stop disconnecting the chat you’ll never face a problem. They put your IP to earn blog spam free from bots. Unplug your router and alter your IP address. It doesn’t work every time.

Use proxy websites for Omegle

Proxy websites for omegle can be found on net, you may use these sites to get CAPTCHA.

Clear cache and cookies

Many issues can be solved by just clearing cache and cookies from your browser, so give it try.

Try Omegle Alternative websites

If methods mentioned previously aren’t solving your problem, then you can try sites like Omegle and Omegle options recorded in our website. We’ve recorded the popular and most active chatting websites. I thinks it’s a simplest method.

You can also visit below sites to learn about it.

Captcha everytime from omegle!topic/chrome/f1lp7MasY78



How to connect to Omegle if Blocked by ISP in your country


Guess you want to join the trailblazers by finally joining the league of those who enjoy the services of There is no doubt that is the real deal when it comes to helping users meet with strangers from different parts of the world. Want to enjoy an absolutely random chat talking to strangers from all parts of the globe? Then should be your preferred destination. Whether it is via Omegle random chat or Omegle video chat, users can enjoy the fun of a lifetime.

But do you know that it is possible to get blocked from accessing Omegle in your country?  Correct. In countries like the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Thailand and a host of others, it is not uncommon for ISPs to block access to certain websites. Nevertheless, if you still want to be able to access Omegle in your country, read on as I run you true some incredible tips that will help you access in minutes.

Alter your DNS

If you are internet or tech savvy, you will agree that altering your computer DNS works absolute wonders especially if you want to be able to access restricted websites. Hence, if your ISP blocks access to through DNS, the best way to bypass this restriction is by altering your DNS server.  One awesome DNS server that gets the job done is the Google’s DNS Server If you can successfully tweak your computer DNS server to the above DNS server, you will be able to access without any restrictions.


Using VPN to mask your current IP is one great way to access despite restrictions by your ISP. And of course, there are several amazing VPN for you to choose from. But for my personal preference, I always find hotspot shield pretty easy to use and effective too. 

Use web based proxy services

Still looking to access despite your ISP’s restrictions? Why not use web based proxies to bypass this restriction? There are lots of effective web-based proxies that can help you access restricted websites in a matter of minutes.

Most famous YouTubers on Omegle

Most famous YouTubers on Omegle

Take a look at the social media platforms we have, and they all require you to register before you can use them. You even need to add someone before you can chat them up. That sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it? Well, that all changes with the presence of Omegle random chat or Omegle video chat.

Omegle Random chat is a free online chat website that makes it possible for users to meet with strangers without the need to register. You only need to add your interest and Omegle random chat pairs you up with strangers you can talk to. Is it safe? Sure it is. You will stay anonymous till you decide to reveal yourself to your partner. Well, without further ado, let’s show you a list of popular Omegle YouTubers out there. These people no doubt appreciate the fun this exciting chatting platforms offer.

Meet our famous subscribers.

Omegle is getting popular by the day and below is a list of famous Omegle YouTubers who use the Omegle random chat platform.

#1. SSSniperWolf 

That is her YouTube ID. She goes by the name Lia, and she attained fame through her Call of Duty gameplay videos as well as anime and video game character cosplays and already has over 5 million subscribers on YouTube.

She has made fun to watch videos about the Omegle random chat which include popular ones like; Jealous Girlfriend Roasts Me on Omegle, She Got Kidnapped on Omegle, and Someone Is Pretending to Be Me on Omegle. How did she know all of this? By using the Omegle video chat. Click here to go to her channel

#2. IamSanna

Born in Norway but of a Swedish decent. IamSanna is a popular vlogger on YouTube who specializes in publishing challenges, tags, vlogs, and life updates to her popular channel. She is also a huge fan of Omegle random chat as she has made some videos about the platform on YouTube for the First time on Omegle!! (WTF?). You have to watch her reaction when she used the Omegle Video Chat. Click here to go to her channel

#3. Kwebbelkop: Jordi Maxim van den Bussche is a Dutch YouTube sensation with over 6.4 million subscribers and over 1.9 billion video views on YouTube. He is popular for his gaming videos.

His interest is diverse, and that made him try the Omegle random chat platform that made it possible to meet with strangers, and from his videos, you will agree that he has so far extremely enjoyed the experience. He has uploaded some of his Omegle experience on YouTube which includes;

Click here to go to his channel

#4. ThatOneGuy: This guy makes Omegle prank videos, Omegle trolling videos and also Chatroulette prank videos and Chatroulette trolling videos. He started his Youtube channel on 25th July 2013. All the videos have hilarious reactions from his audience. He also made GTA5 trolling videos. Most popular video of this channel is Murdered Girlfriend prank which had over 2.8 million views. Some other Omegle popular videos are scaring people by naming where they live and demon child reading people’s mind. Click here to go to his channel.

#5. MarioTV: This channel is live since 2013. The channel is one of the first if not the first clown with makeup give people nightmares. His most popular Omegle prank video is “I got a balloon for ya” which had 2.8 million views. You will love reactions to this prank.

How to Make an Omegle Bot

How to Make an Omegle Bot

Chatting with strangers has never been easier. Thanks to Omegle random chat, people can now enjoy a fun filled day talking to strangers from different parts of the world. This has no doubt made Omegle one of the most popular chatting platforms on the internet today. And the catch is, people, get to pick random chatting partners with either Omegle voice chat or Omegle video chat.

With the continued popularity of Omegle, it’s easy to see why this exciting random chatting platform has become the darling of teenagers looking to spice up their boring day.

Install Pyomegle

However, if you want to take your chatting experience to the next level on Omegle, you are welcome to try Omegle Bot.  Omegle Bots are scripted using artificial intelligence and are used in automated response to other Omegle users. So, whether you want to spread your blog link or hold off chat for a few minutes, Omegle Bots are ready to help.

how-to-make-omegle-botYou don’t have to be a programming geek  to get yourself an Omegle bot, and the good news is, they are easy to set up and with the below steps, your Omegle Script Bot can be up and running:

  • In other, for Omegle Bot script to work, a scripting language called Phyton has to be installed on your computer. To this end, visit the Python website and download the latest distribution. Also, proceed to search for the latest Pyomegle script on Google and download the latest available version.
  • Using the interpreter supplied by the Python software already installed, the Pyomegle script could be run and modified.
  • If you are familiar with coding in Python, you are free to go ahead to make the necessary changes to the script. However, if you are not, you can rely on ready-made and instantly usable script.
  • Once you are done preparing the Omegle Script, run it on the Python interpreter. And to close the bot, only close the Python interpreter.

Finally, for whatever reason, Omegle Bot is ready to be used to give your Omegle chat the auto response you have being waiting for. 

But if you are tired of Omegle Bots then this article might be for you.

Random Video Chat Sites like

Random Video Chat Sites like

When it comes to providing users with an unforgettable video chatting experience; Omegle random video chat stands out in a league of its. Omegle has a unique way of bringing strangers all over the world together. Within seconds you can meet with strangers and begin a heartwarming conversation with right away. Are your bored and looking for something to jazz up your mood? Why not give Omegle random video chat a try? The catch with Omegle is that it puts you in a pool of people who are willing to talk with strangers without taking down their details, that way, your personal information is kept private.

However, variety they say is the spice of life, and although Omegle random video chat has carved a niche for itself, there are other random video chatting platforms that promises users an unforgettable video chatting experience. Below are a few you should give a try:

Omegle Alternative iMeetzu 

This is a video chatting website that promises a lot especially for people looking to enjoy an awesome random video chatting experience. With iMeetzu, you not only meet with strangers, but you also have the opportunity of joining an online friend finder; which means you always have a pool of strangers to always video chat with.

Omegle Alternative Chatroulette

This is an interesting place to meet with strangers. Like Omegle, it puts you in place to talk to strangers just about anything, and if at any point, you get bored, you can “kill” the conversation with a click of your mouse.

Omegle Alternative Hey-People

This is an experimental non- commercial project that will obviously take your video chatting experience with a stranger to the next level. The user interface makes chatting with strangers secure. Interestingly your video chat with strangers is based on your mutual interest, making chatting with a stranger very easy. And if you enjoy talking with a stranger, you can decide to speak with them again by making them a friend. With Hey-People, meeting strangers just got easier.

From today, don’t stay another day being bored. Take advantage of these extraordinary video chatting website and wave goodbye to boredom forever.

What to do when banned on Omegle Random Chat?

What to do when banned on Omegle Random Chat?

Looking for a great way to spice up your life?  Then you wouldn’t go wrong by talking to random strangers from different countries. And one website that allows users to meet with strangers anonymously is Omegle. This pretty exciting chatting platform makes video chatting or text chatting rewarding and fun, to say the least. Nonetheless, while Omegle random chat or Omegle video chat boast of its reputation of making chatting with a stranger fun and adventurous, it is not uncommon to see users get banned many times for inappropriate behaviors or for trolling other users.

So you’ve recently been banned from using Omegle, and you’re looking for ways to reverse this verdict, I welcome you to read further as I run you through some time-tested tips on how to get unbanned from using the services of Omegle. Below are a few tips you should know:


Changing your computer IP address is one smart way to unblock your computer from using the services of Omegle. And the interesting thing is that there are amazing Softwares that allow you to do this quickly and easily. I have found software like Hotspot Shield quite useful in this regard. All you need to do is download this astounding software, install, connect and your IP address is as good as changed. This means you can now easily access without any hassle.


It is totally possible to unblock Omegle using various online resources that help you hide or mask your computer IP. These online services are the real deal when you want to visit websites that you are restricted from accessing. The below websites have proven quite effective when it comes to allowing users access restricted websites:

Unblocksit: Want to be able to unban your Omegle restrictions? Then using the services of this website wouldn’t disappoint. Besides helping you to unban Omegle, this website helps you access sites banned in your country.

Kproxy: This is another impressive website that gets you unbanned from accessing the services of Omegle. All you need to do us visit this site and access Omegle directly from their URL.